Wondering what the benefits of choosing an apprenticeship are? You're in the right place. Let's find out...

Why choose an apprenticeship?

With the option to go to university, college, straight into the workforce or become an apprentice, what are the benefits of doing an apprenticeship?

Let’s take a look…


         No student debt: Yep, that’s right! The government covers the entire cost of your education and training while you are on an apprenticeship scheme. Considering most people leave university with an average of £16,000 + in student loan debts, this is a pretty big incentive to start an apprenticeship.

    Earn and Learn: Not only is your degree and training paid for, but you will also have a monthly wage, with an average UK apprenticeship salary being £17,284 to £30,00+.

    Gain a career not just a job: Building experiences and developing as a professional will help you develop a long-term career. Many apprentices become such an asset that they remain employed after their apprenticeship is complete.

    You’re ahead of graduates: Graduates leave university or college with the same qualifications as an apprentice but not the invaluable experience gained while within a company. The hands-on experience gained during an apprenticeship will speak volumes. 

    “With an apprenticeship, I could get vital market experience while being paid is the best decision I’ve made about my career.”  Freddie: Digital Marketing Level 6 (Degree) Apprenticeship with BT

There really are some great advantages to being on an apprenticeship!

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You never know where your next step will take you.

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