We don't want to treat you all like children, but staying safe on social media is important. Especially when you start looking for jobs.

With a current total of close to 7,269,600,000 profiles currently active across all social media sites, it is safe to say that the world is pretty well connected.

This is fantastic for industry and individuals alike as we can stay connected to our friends and loved ones, and make new friends and new connections with people other than in our schools and towns, or even countries. As a child, people are always warned by their parents about stranger danger and are frequently told “don’t talk to strangers”, but now social media is almost forcing us to break the rules set out for us by the older generation, but the people we follow on Instagram and Facebook aren’t strangers are they? We know what they have for their lunch and about their new job, what they bought from the supermarket and what car they drive. But do we really know them? And what information do other people really know about us?

As we live in a world completely connected with our smart phones, tablets and other gadgets, it is becoming increasingly difficult to stick to the old rules set out by our parents. We need new rules for staying safe and secure online without compromising the benefits and opportunities this connectivity can offer us.

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