Are you a fashionista? Already work in retail and want to start your career rather than just have a job. Think about retail apprenticeships!

What is retail?

Almost 3 million people work in retail in the UK. Retail is any business that sells goods to the public, so whether that’s food, (nipping into Tesco’s for a bread roll) clothes, (you need that new jacket), or even make-up (to finish off your look)! Everybody has some contact with the retail sector almost every week. 

What retail jobs can I do?

A job in retail doesn’t just mean being a customer service assistant, although they are the first people you see when you go into a shop! You could also get a job in management or merchandising or even purchasing products. There are endless opportunities to work within the retail sector.

What training is there?


You can get a traineeship in retail! This means that you don’t need GCSE’s to get some valuable experience in the sector. You will have the opportunity to get valuable qualifications in Maths and English with functional skills training, for those that need it or you may even have a full time employment qualification! 


You can get an apprenticeship in retail. You’ll even be paid, the minimum apprenticeship wage is £3.40 per hour. You can work with many different employers from The Co-Op, Greggs and even Boots! The qualifications you could get from this could be a certificate in Retail, all the way up to a Level 3 qualification in Retail Management! However, it depends on the training provider and employer you have your apprenticeship with.

What famous brands could you work with?

Co-Op, McDonalds, KFC, Greggs, SuperDrug, Boots, Next, New Look and even Harrods!

What skills will you gain?

The skills you learn from working in retail can be transferable to almost any job sector! You’ll have experience of cash handling, working face-to-face with customers, you’ll be confident and an excellent communicator, you’ll be able to adapt to cope in stressful situations – the Christmas period! And you’ll have experience of working in a team. Working in retail also shows you are sociable, polite and conscientious and understand lots of different things.

Where it will take you?

After having an apprenticeship in retail, it can take you almost anywhere! You could continue your role into management, specialise in beauty and you could even start your own business!

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