We've put together some top tips for you while you're working from home, so you can continue to be productive and enjoy it as much as you can!

Working from home all of the time was something we could only dream of a few weeks ago, but now it is what we all know a little too well. We've put our heads together and want to share with you some ideas for making it a little less painful and so hopefully, you can continue to be as productive as ever.

If you're reading this because you're struggling with the working from home thing, that's fine because it isn't easy for everyone. You can suddenly realise how lonely it can get and how tricky it can be to sit down and concentrate when the cat comes and sits on your keypad or the dog barks for a walk. That's why we want to help you out because we're getting used to it too!

1. Pretend you're still going to work

Even though you're going to be at home, you're still going to be working, so still have a morning routine. Get your tea or coffee ready and pretend that you'll be going out of the house. Set yourself an alarm, get changed and even go on your daily exercise outside of the house so it's a bit like a commute.

2. Keep to your work hours

If you've got hours that you're expected to work, stick to them. It will help you have structure in your day and give you goals to start working and when to switch off and have a break. This is perfect if you get a lunch break too because you won't feel guilty about having it!

3. Choose a workspace & keep it tidy

Find somewhere in your house or apartment that you can work. It is best if it's a desk or somewhere that you can rest your laptop or computer and free your arms while you're working. Do whatever you can to work somewhere that isn't your sofa or your bed, because you're going to want some change of scenery in the coming weeks!

4. Add structure to your day

Ensure that your day still has some sort of structure to it. Create a to-do list and try and set times that you'll do certain activities. If you don't have an 'official' lunch break, try and set yourself one and also set yourself regular breaks in the day so you don't go mad!

5. Get some fresh air

While you're inside, you can still get fresh air. Try and stay in well-ventilated rooms and keep windows, where you are working, open too. When you give yourself breaks, try and go into your garden, onto your balcony or just sit near a window!

6. Be prepared for disruptions

It's not ideal, but everyone is going to get distractions when they're at home. Whether it's your cat lying on your laptop, you dog barking for a walk or your child wanting your attention! Sometimes, there isn't much you can do about it, but you can try and prepare.

Know their routine, if you know they're more likely to settle in the afternoon, give them more attention in the morning and set important tasks and calls for the afternoon. Some people have introduced a colour-coded system that they hang on their door. If it's green, they can be interrupted however if it's red, they can't come in, although this only works for children!

7. Drink lots of fluids and snack if you want to!

Throughout the day it can be difficult to keep track of how much you're drinking, but make sure you are drinking regularly to avoid getting headaches. Also, have a snack if you want to, for once, no-one is there to judge you!! Just try not to snack constantly throughout the day.

8. Keep to your sleep schedule

While you're at home 24/7 it might be tempting to binge-watch an entire TV series into the early hours of the morning but try not to. Keep to your normal sleep schedule while you're working so you aren't really tired when you're meant to be working the next day. This is also really important for maintaining healthy mental health when you're working from home.

9. Talk to your colleagues regularly

Although at first, you might like your independence, it will (quite quickly) get boring. Make sure that you talk to your colleagues regularly, and remember life isn't all work! If you get the chance to talk to your colleagues, talk about a bit of everything – have you got toilet roll? What are you having for tea tonight? Everyone is in the same boat – relax a bit sometimes!

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