It's your first day at work, so you may not be able to soak in all of the information, names or policies you need to.

We’ve created a helpful check-list to ensure you don’t stress about the small stuff:

Complete a practice journey

The last thing you want for your first day is to miss a bus, or get lost in a city centre. Do a practice journey to your new job a few days before (preferably on a working day) so you are fully prepared. And you know if there's traffic if you don' expect it!

Have a nutritious breakfast

You don’t know the lunchtime schedule, or your break allocations, so make sure you have eaten well before your first day.

Make a packed lunch

If you don’t know the area, are unsure of nearby cafes or confused about lunch time politics; ease the stress and prepare a lunch beforehand. This will give you more free time in your break to relax and get to know your colleagues.

Dress smart, feel confident

If you know you look good, you always feel more confident about yourself. So, if you are unsure about the usual dress code, always dress smart. That way, you will look sharp and feel great without the nerves. Don't forget, if you're really unsure you can always call someone there and ask them about the dress code!

Take notes

The first day can be an information overload. It’s a new environment with the possibility of 3 hours of health and safety videos, 10 colleagues’ names and new industry knowledge to remember! Feel free to take a notepad to make notes to help you remember most of it.

Ask questions

If someone has said something you don’t understand, asked you to do something you are not one hundred percent sure about or assumed you know something you are completely oblivious to - ASK!

Mistakes do happen on a first day, but you can minimise these by clarifying and getting the right support from your manager and mentor. That’s what they are there for!

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