Every year between May and July many students finish off their degrees and have the realisation that they need to get a graduate job. In this situation and we’re often asked the same thing: are we too late?

Normally around this time of year, it’s time for dissertation submissions, final exams, the last hoorah with your friends, and the realisation that university really has come to an end. It’s a time of mixed feelings, where most people feel daunted at the prospect of having to find more permanent income. For many, the solution is a graduate job. And then they remember that they haven’t applied for anything yet…

This year, we know that a lot of graduates are feeling even more uneasy due to COVID-19 and the restrictions this has had on employment in general, but especially when searching for opportunities. We want to reassure you; it is possible that you might still find a graduate job, but we also want to be realistic – it could be difficult.

Many employers have had to furlough their own workforce and finding a job in this market is a little bit tough. In fact, it is predicted that young people (including graduates) are going to be most hard-hit by the economic effects of COVID-19. Although many smaller employers are going to struggle for many months, if not into next year there are lots of bigger organisations who are still looking for the next generation of talent to join their teams!

So, continue with what you’re doing – it might be a little bit more difficult given the circumstances, but you may still find the graduate job that’s perfect for you. You can search on getmyfirstjob.co.uk for graduate opportunities across the UK.

If you can’t find a graduate job, entry-level job or anything else that interests you at the moment, don’t forget that there is always the ability for you to continue studying. You might choose to do a master’s course at your old university (or a new one) or you could choose to study a qualification for a specific industry, such as one for teaching, engineering, medicine or law.

There are lots of opportunities out there and sometimes you might not have found it yet. Keep your eyes peeled as you never know when the perfect chance might come your way. Good luck in your next steps! We’re here if you need us.

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